Szczecin Pikes 2006

we won the Pike Award!

Pike Award is a typically Szczecin award which one can win in a competition organized by three Szczecin media: Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP3 Szczecin and Polskie Radio Szczecin. Pike Award is given to those whose work or achievements contribute to fame and prosperity of Szczecin.

article in "Gazeta Wyborcza" (PL):,34939,3865855.html

We feel deeply priviledged to be among such respectable people.

Thank you very much!
Congratulations to all awarded and nominated.

We treat this award as a tribute to the artists with whom we have collab orated at Szczecin Music Fest 2006. Let me remind you the three great names of modern artists who played in Szczecin last year:  Jan Garbarek, Richard Bona and Gustavo Santaolalla from Bajofondo Tango Club, awarded two Academy Awards for Best Original Score.

We hope that such concerts make our city a place worth living, working and relaxing in.

Szczecin Music Fest took place thanks to the artists and hard work of ma ny people and companies.
We would like to thank our associates, partners, sponsors, media, journalists, printers and hoteliers, clerks and technicians and all involved in the preparation of our concerts.

Special thanks to the Szczecin audience - we work for it and thanks to it!


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